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    Question paypal

    I have question about paypal, I want to use paypal but I am a little confused I encounter in the web at sites that claim that paypal freeze accounts for 180 days without any notification and after they donít give you all the money back using different excuses and even you have the proof that the customer receive the product with registered mail but it isnít help the customer have your product and also the money
    I turn here because I believe that people here have a lot of experience with paypal and if is true all these storiesÖ because
    I go to paypal site to read the terms site about accounts and I donít see anything about when paypal have the right to freeze or close accounts
    I add here two sites about paypal in order to clarify my question

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    Default Re: paypal

    Nothing wrong with PayPal, those websites you see there are two idiots who had problems with PayPal and decided to make a warning for everyone because their 'mad'.

    Doesn't every company have its unhappy customers? It must be them in PayPal's case... then you get the people who hear things from other people who tell other people but exaggerate the story and make people believe it.

    I can personally tell you that I've been using PayPal for over 5 - 6 years now and I've transferred and stored over 100K to date and haven't had a problem yet!
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    Default Re: paypal

    Like Jeremey, I too have been using Paypal for 5 or 6 years and not encountered ONE single problem. Of course there will be people saying otherwise, I will put a bet with you that for everything good you can find written on the internet, I'll find something bad written about it too! That's the joys of the world wide web! There is no such thing as a product or service that will please everyone.

    Ignore what you have read and feel free to use one of the best merchant systems on the market today.
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    Default Re: paypal

    You only read one side of the story on those kind of sites. Merchant accounts are canceled all the time for various reasons, mostly the vendors fault. As a customer, credit card companies and banks will audit your account if you are always screaming FRAUD and I didnt buy this, yet the charges keep coming in. Vendors need to state their return policies plainly to avoid charge backs and shipping charges etc. Im sure paypal has REASONS that are outlined in their tos, but you cant see BOTH ends of the story. Common sense says that they have HUNDREDS and Thousands of satisfied users, so you have to take each with a grain of salt. Ive used it, and never had issues.



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    Default Re: paypal

    You can protect yourself from having problems with PayPal or any other processing agent. Create a new bank account to transfer your funds from PP into. (you should be able to get a free account) Then transfer from that account into your main account. That way, there is no connection to your main bank account. Also, transfer the funds from the "middle" account often leaving a small balance.
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    Default Re: paypal

    Thanks guys on your help, I want to ask for your opinion
    I am mystic I work many years in this, and now I decide to offer this service via the net, I offer analysis via phone, from my experience always we have the people that after they receive the service they want to complain in order to earn the service for free, in order to prevent and to protect myself I write very clear site terms that the customer need to mark before he continue to the payment, that he agree to the terms that part of them is that he know that no exist refund and the consultation is via phone and explanation about the process
    My question if this can protect me from these troublemakers front paypal
    in case of problems?

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    Default Re: paypal

    In my experience with Paypal the customer is always right. I have had around 20 chargebacks in 3 years, this is only about 1% of people who have bought from me. There are a few people who are out for things for free and paypal IMO has become to big to police it all and tend to just give refunds out no matter what the facts. I see it as having a shop and having the odd dishonest person help themselves, I take it on the chin and move on. Opening a dispute has only once gone in my favour, even when all the facts point in my favour. This is the flaw with paypal that people tend to abuse, but as I say, most people are honest. Also a lack of competion to paypal does not really help either.

    On the horror stories about people's accounts been frozen etc. I have heard this, but again they do it in extremly rare cases and because they have very good reason.
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