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Thread: How do you place Thumbnails in a main folder on a host page

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    Post How do you place Thumbnails in a main folder on a host page

    Is it possible to create folders on a page depicting events and as you click and open each folder it will open a separate page with thumbnails of the photos you want viewed so for instant letís say on the main photo page I have 6 folders each folder is name (ie) event-1, event-2 Ö. As you open the folder it opens a separate page with the photos for that event as thumbnails, and that the thumbnails can be set to open in a separate window also. The latter I have figured out ( opening thumbnails into a separate page) it is just creating the main folder on the host page and then placing the thumbnails into it.

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    Yes. You answered yourself in your describing the question above.

    "You can have a page with different thumbnails on it (essentially 'Album Covers') which are linked to another specific page that has a gallery of thumbnails of that single album. When each thumbnail is clicked on, it will display a larger image via the Lightbox feature from within Blue Voda."

    You are not limited to how many pages you have in your website, how many Albums you wish to post, or how many Lightboxes you use within your site.
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