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Thread: Blue Voda Hosting

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    Question Blue Voda Hosting

    I have created my pages in BlueVoda. I have already registered my domain name with another company along with a POP3 email account. However, I have not yet purchased the hosting. I am aware that I need hosting with Blue Voda in order to publish my site and I am happy to do this. I just want the reassurance that the POP3 email account and the domain name that I have registered already with another company will still work with the Blue Voda hosting if I were to go ahead and purchase the hosting. Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks

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    You will simply point the nameservers on your domain name to your VH account. As for your email account, you would then need to reset it using the VH account (which has all the email with it also) as the email has to come from where the domain is pointing.

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    Default Re: Blue Voda Hosting

    hi I have successfully purchased hosting from VodaHost.. now I have problem to understand how to publish all my files, and able to view it? I did upload one file.. but I cannot view from normal browsing? Can anyone help please.


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    The first file to publish is the index page. When publishing a index page it must be in small letters nothing else added to it.
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