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Thread: How to avoid Site Blocking!

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    I am from Thailand. Now we are under COUP goverment who ousted our PM Thaksin and take his office. This coup is blocking our communication amont ppl. All news is just for those coup only. They are blinding ppl. Most of ppl here love democracy and we want our ousted constitution and legal goverment , PM Thaksin, back. But we have to keep quiet and keep only undergroud activity against this military coup.

    I am interesting in VH before our COUP day, Sep 19,2006 in Thailand. Now I decide to use website, this VH, as our weapons, to share news and make a communication for ppl, who fight for democracy.

    I want to know if my website is blocked by coup officer, can the website redirect domain to another one automatically? That's mean our member still use the same url to connect the redirected website transparently with only 1 account.

    Or if you have another better choice, please let me know.

    Thank you,


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    Based in the US and physcially hosted as sole provider (not shared or hosted by proxy) it is impossible for any political faction or foreign government to "block" a website you would host with VodaHost.

    However, it may be possible to interrupt your connection to the internet as a whole or to outside conveyance.....but that would probably be too much of an effort and would probably prove to be so counter-productive that any attempt would be thwarted.

    You are free to establish a hosting account at VodaHost to publish your website in whatever design, manner, or content you so deem, as long as it is clearly in compliance with the Terms of Service VodaHost requires each client to acknowledge and abide within. (See Terms of Service Here)

    Nothing is more powerful than the Truth, and nothing is more compelling than Truth Communicated Freely.......quite incidentally, that is the very foundation of the entire internet, and remains today as it's future hope.

    Good Luck, and Welcome to VodaHost!
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