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    hi all, hope you can all help me out again

    i want to build a website which allows members to edit content.
    The idea being they can upload a profile through a form - which i have mastered thanks to the great tutorials, but, instead of the information being sent directly to me it is somehow published straight to the website and is editable at any point by the member.

    Is this at all possible for me to create using bluevoda? and if anyone knows i would appreciate a point in the write direction.

    Many thanks in advance

    I would also like to say thankyou now to everyone using these forums, especially ther vodahost team who over the course of the last year have helped me out so many times. All of my projects are taking real shape now and alot of that is thanks to the support and advice you guys have given me. Again - Thankyou
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    Default Re: user editing

    No it would not be possible to do through BlueVoda. You will need a script that stores the information from the form in a database or a file stored on the server.

    Register/Login Script
    Do you use a Password Protected Directory? Need a way to allow users to make their own account, try my .htaccess Login Script

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