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Thread: How many megs in a gig? Worried about bandwidth

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    Question How many megs in a gig? Worried about bandwidth

    Hi there,

    Just wondering how many megs are in a gig. If I am correct we have 300 gigs.

    Just setting up my site I used 62.90 megs this month (that is from my control panel under bandwidth).

    So am I not sure on how I am doing as far as megs and gigs. I don't want to go over my bandwidth.

    Can someone explain this to me and let me know if my usage is normal right now for just setting up a site?

    I have not submitted my site to search engines yet and it got me to thinking about the bandwidth thing and now I am wondering and worrying.


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    It takes 1000mb to equal one gig.

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    Okay I will eventually get this straight in my mind. Thank you for the link, it was very informative. I just have to sit down and dissect it now.

    Voda is just super Awesome! The host, the support host, everyone is so helpful and has such patience. I feel sorry for others who have not found out about ya'll yet.

    Thanks again..


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