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Thread: Need Assistance with ecommerce & bluevoda

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    Question Need Assistance with ecommerce & bluevoda

    I have made a website from scratch on Blue Voda. I then installed the OS ecommerce from my control panel which opened a store but how do I get all my information to connect with the OS ecommerce store?? I do not know how to connect the two. Can someone please give me guidance on this. Or can this even be done ? Thank you in advance.

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    Default Re: Need Assistance with ecommerce & bluevoda

    Basically, you use bv OR OsCommerce - as both are complete building programs - OSCommerce with a catalog system built in. You could use BV for the information - then have a link to the store - but then they won't look the same.

    If you want to use BV for the store portion - you'll have to add a different type of cart - or use paypal. Some carts easy to use with bv are CartManager or Mal's Ecommerce.

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