With those who run into this problem, I’d like to share the conclusion of my thread about “fonts appear totally different on visitor’s screen”.
This conclusion came about from all the contributions of the BV Forum society – and from my own experimenting.

  • Do check the Tutorials. Again and again, and be as precise carrying them out as possible.
  • If you still run into the common problems (which you will…), observe the following:
  • In general texting use only the default set of fonts – as they appear here, courtesy of General LadyEye.

(BV will give you your own font-set as “default” to work with. It is not so.
Use the fonts from the above reference link – or just use common sense).

And be careful with large sizes! (I’d say above 38 pt. )

Many of us do employ large sizes as well as “fancy” fonts on headliners
and “eyecatchers”.

  • With special fonts and sizes the best solution is the LOGO tool, found on the left toolbar. Should solve all the problems – adding some great visual effects as an extra. It’s worth to get acquainted with.

  • Other alternatives are: working your special text images out in Photoshop or any way you can work them into .jpeg images.
  • Windows’ resident Microsoft program for such jobs is “Paint” (in your “accessories”). Will do a nice job.

(You can turn your text into .gif images also, but they will acquire a stardust coating. Can be used with white background only.)