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    Default SEO Question

    Is "Bluevoda" works with SEO well? (For affiliates)
    Please let me know.
    Can you suggest other programs for building sites with better SEO optimization capabilities?

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    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a complilation of processes and methods to structure a website with more positive values, beginning from the very basic of foundations to the more eclectic composition of Content and not a single result that is accomplished with a software title or cranked out by a utility or "tool."

    Blue Voda is a web building tool that features more intuitive "tools" and methods to easily create a compliant and sure foundation to create unlimited SEO values and methodologies ...... for any site (with or without an affiliate theme or software added on) and having been made within a Windows environment, is easy enough for even people with very limited computer skills to learn and use with incredible accomplishments!

    Some may try to suggest that different foundations (types of coding that actually "writes" a webpage, such as HTML vs. PHP vs. Unicode vs. Flash vs. SWiSH8, etc.) have a marked difference to what they perceive as "preferred" by the major Search Engines, but in all honesty, it always comes down to the precision of the "build" and the values you place upon that build. In this respect, since Blue Voda allows more people to achieve greater heights in a shorter learning curve, it is the superior tool to create a website --- providing all the Rules, Standards, and measure of Compliance are met.

    It is my personal observation that despite the initial enthusiasm people express when first approaching creating a website, the efforts to get where they want to be turns out to overwhelm them and they instead drift into catharsis and look for an easy way out to get something close enough what they first wanted at any cost: they get lazy and find it acceptable to compromise their ideal and vision for the sake of quick results. Like in the real world, "you get what you pay for," and if you are not wiling to invest in your vision (make the effort, do the work, or take personal responsibility for progress), you will end up with inferior results.

    I encourage you to commit to your website, to plan it out in detail, and to do all the "homework" required to become completely familiar with the terms, practices, technologies, and "tips" that will make the difference for you and help you to avoid the challenges of those before you that opted to compromise and admit defeat before beginning in earnest!

    Now that you are a Member of VodaTalk, I suggest you do a half dozen or so Forum Searches on the key terms and concepts you identify as being important to you understanding the "core" concepts of web building .... starting with "SEO" and "optimization". You will be amazed at how many rich threads will display, and all you can learn just by reading them!
    By far, these forums represent the best resource for you to learn everything about building a website or making a real positive presence online, and they are Free and constantly being refined as well.

    Good luck, and "Welcome to VodaLand! There's Magic in here!"
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