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Thread: sitemap errors//i'm confused

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    Default sitemap errors//i'm confused

    I submitted 4 site maps to google.

    My main site is

    I received errors as follows:
    Sitemap typeWebFormatAtom FeedSubmittedSep 26, 2008Last downloaded by Google17 hours agoStatusErrorsTotal URLs in Sitemap0Indexed URLs in Sitemap Help

    Sitemap errors and warnings

    LineStatusDetails1URL not allowed
    This url is not allowed for a Sitemap at this location. Help
    Problem detected on:
    Sep 28, 2008
    I have no clue what this is. There were 8 of these.
    Similar errors came up on the other 3 sites I submitted sitemaps for.
    All are hosted on BV.

    There were 2 other errors mentioned.

    1) mailto: came up as an error.
    When I publish and submit the sitemap, should I delete the mail to?

    2) Since my domain name is long, when I linked my pages, I did not include www when I linked them. It said all pages without www. was not found(or something like that).

    does anyone know how I can resolve this? do I have to go to every link and put in www?

    Sorry if this is confusing, but I am lost. I also read everythinng about linking but I cannot find the answer. Advise is appreciated.

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    You inserted the XML code directly onto your web page, which it NOT the thing to do: after uploading the file to your public_html/ directory, simply create a Text Hyperlink on all your pages (in other words, use a BV textbox and type in XML, and then hyperlink that text), and use the link to set it right.
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    Default to clarify?

    first thanks for the reply, but I am unclear.

    When I use the sitemap generator, I click publish.

    Am I then supposed to put on each page:

    xml and link it to ? , so all pages link to the sitmap?

    or am I supposed to do that first, and then use the sitemap generator?

    can you see the sitemap which was generated?


    the diagnostics on Google says the site does not support robots.

    Sorry if this is redundant.

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    I personally use independently-created sitemaps just because I know they work flawlessly and because it is not a big deal to use this method whatsoever (seems to be a lot of problems using the "one-click-solutions" features built into BV, and a lot of people losing the ability to understand the "bigger picture" and inter-relationships of skills).

    Maybe you should also? Go to to create yours (using the methods detailed above), upload it to your directory, link it simply , and reap the benefits knowing you are in more control over your website and are not dependent on things that you are clueless as to their effctiveness or methodology: learn by doing, and use that experience to build a bigger picture on.

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