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Thread: Cant Delete a few folders!!! Help !

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    Question Cant Delete a few folders!!! Help !

    I have a few folders on my Vista comp which cant be deleted. these folders can be seen in explorer but i cant delete them. Cant change anything about them, as I get the message that " an error occured while applying attributes to the file.....the system cannot find the file specified". I have tried everything, safe boot, shift delete, DOS... everything. Theres nothing in these folders. They all have their attributes as shared ( though I havent specified them as shared at all). I cant change the share permissions too. Cant see any security info on the properties as it says "The requested security info is either unavailable or can't be displayed". When I try to delete these folders normally, I get " Could not find this item. This is no longer located in [the file location]. Verify the items location and try again." Please help.

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    Try a Vista help forum.
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