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    Red face Make New Posts Visible To All

    What settings do I need to make to have each new posting appear in the phpBB forum page?

    I have looked at the tutorials but they don't look like the ones that are on my screen. Perhaps I am looking at the wrong thing again.

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    Default Re: phpBB forum make new postings visable to all readers

    RE the above posting, I really want the pages to end up looking like and acting like these help forum pages

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    Arrow Re: Make New Posts Visible To All

    In the Admin panel of your phpBB, you can navigate to Configuration, and set how the Forums will be "accessible" (viewable), and if you want the forums able to be read by everyone, only registered Users, etc. If you select 'Viewable by all' then the forums and posts will be 'readable' by all visitors, whether they are logged in or registered or not.

    If, on the other hand (since it is hard to be 100% sure of what you are really asking, by the wording of your post), you wish your board and posts to look like these VodaTalk forums, be aware that VodaHost is using vBulletin, a much different forum foundation than free phpBB forum available to you via the Fantastico! option in your cPanel.

    And, the Tutorials are accurate as to processes and methods, even though the versions may have evolved slightly .... thus the 'look and feel' in your board may differ slightly from the Tutorials. f you have installed a customized "skin" this too, may alter the look dramatically.

    The point is to learn from the Tutorials how to do things, to understand the commands and processes in order to effect changes easily yourself.
    If you have specific questions or require a deeper learning curve, you should be tapping into the abundant resources available from phpBB Support directly.
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    Default Re: Make New Posts Visible To All

    Thanks for the info that VodaHost is using vBulletin, I down loaded a demo. It looks good, better than phpBB does.
    It may cost a few bucks but I think it may be easier to use than phpBB for me. I am a simple wysiwyg windows dummy. I paste my text from MS word to SOHO text boxes and then edit fonts etc.
    I want a forum that looks good and is easy for users and me to use. I don't want to spend a lot of time modrerating the forum just let the membrs sign in and post their ideas. I am not a programer and really don't want to become one. I just want my site to look good and so far SOHO has really helped me in doing that. Will vBulletin do the same for me?
    Simple question is if I buy it, how do I link it to my website

    Thanks again for the help

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    Default Re: Make New Posts Visible To All

    If you are using soho .. just go to navigation icon and about middle of page you can add a custom link



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