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Thread: home page content and new page names

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    Default home page content and new page names

    I posted a couple of days ago under Google - now I have more issues which I think are better suited here so hope it's ok to post here instead.

    I completely revamped both my English and French sites and without thinking, I gave the pages new names ( mainly just changing underscores to hyphens ) and I still have the original pages in a separate folder. I thought I'd made a mistake doing this and after the replies from my first post I decided it would be best to revert back to the old page names and all the work that involved.

    However, I realise that I hadn't done a good job with meta tags etc as I've been guilty of cloning pages but not changing the keywords & relevant descriptions etc and having done a search my site doesn't come up under it's own steam (I have also been guilty of relying on listing sites to get seen ).
    Now I want to address all this and my question is this - given that we're not being seen at the moment, would it be ok to optimise the SE info while keeping the new page names and titles instead of the old ones or is it still worth the workload of reverting back and optimising all the SE info at the same time?
    I've been reading lots of posts and have gathered some very helpful information from Bethers in particular but want to make sure I get it right this time.( I'm ashamed to say I've been blundering along, not always fully understanding everything and hoping for the best ...)

    Also I'd be grateful if someone could give their opinion as to whether my new home page has enough content on it to make to work for the search engines?

    Thank you in advance for any information.

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    Default Re: home page content and new page names

    Your home page does not have enough textual content....the links dont count as content so all the SE sees is the photo and the text heading.

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