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Help with script
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    Hi guys I'm sure you experts can help out a newbie.
    Going great with building my website, need to know how to insert script.
    Have made a calender through Availability Booking Calender site it now tells me to insert script into Put this in web page head tag:
    <link href="/calendar/calendar.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />
    Then insert script into Put this where you want your calendar to appear on the web page. View:
    <script language="javascript" src="/calendar/load.php?view=12&cid=1"></script>
    Could one of you fantastic people tell a thicko how to do this.
    Kind Regards,

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    The first part goes into your page HTML Between Head Tag:

    View, Page HTML, click on Between Head Tag, then paste this first part in the lower window

    The second part:

    Drag a HTML object in your page, double click it, and paste the code in the window that opens.
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    I thank you kind Sir, so easy when you know how, getting better as I go on.
    Kind Regards,

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