I have created a BV Template by clicking New Page>Blank Page. Then I inserted an image file (m_203c.gif) from the Templates Library. I added some elements such as a logo, navigation buttons, text (Soft Gospel Ministries) and a marquee. Then I saved my work by clicking on Save As Template. I entered "SGM" (without the quotes) in the Template filename field and clicked OK. I then navigated to Windows Explorer and clicked on My Documents>Blue Voda>Templates to verify the existence of "SGM.wwb." It was there.

I then tried to create a new page from the saved template by clicking on New Page>From Template. Please see screenshot here: www.softgospel.com/Screenshot.pdf. The thumbnail of the template is not visible, where as the name of the template is. If I click on the name of the template I get a blank page and not the template that I created previously. What am I doing wrong?

Additionally, I have a question about file structure. I want to create TWO iterations of the the Soft Gospel website locally. I know I can only upload one at a time. To have two iterations can I name the Blue Voda folder Blue Voda I, then copy the folder and the sub folders and rename Blue Voda I to Blue Voda II?

Norm & Charlotte