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Thread: Install reviews and ranking submissioni

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    Smile Install reviews and ranking submissioni

    Hi all!

    I would like to create the following:

    1. A ranking system for 500+ service provider(on index.html) based on the reviews submission(on reviews.html) given by users.

    2. The service provider will includes details such as company logo, company name, address, telephone, fax number, email, website. Lastly, a google marker that shows the location of the service provider.

    2. On the reviews.html, it contains the review submission script that allows users to add "posititive" and "negative" comments and to award ranking (1 - 5 stars).

    3. I am very comfortable using bluevoda to create my website. So i understand i just need a script to add on to what i already have. Please advise if i am right?

    If i need a script, can joomla or noahs classified do the job? Under the fantastico inside my cpanel, i see many programs. I dont know which one is what i need. Can you advise?

    Or should a custom script suits me better?

    Thanks a trillion for people that answer my queries

    client ID: 14948

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    Default Re: Install reviews and ranking submissioni

    Can anybody be kind enough to answer my question.

    I am lost!

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