I have addon domains to my main domain (goodcoffeeclub.com) and for all three of them when I install wordpress using Fantastico instead of images on my dashboards I get a square with a red x in the top corner and most annoying of all is that when and whatever theme is installed none of them show the headers correctly, all the images are missing!
My main domain name has no connection whatever with my addon domains and therefore it seems odd that I could successfully set up blogs in the sub domains such as for instance http://goodcoffeeclub.com/takingcareofskin/
I can set up wp OK and as you can see the header is fine but what a silly URL how can I get anyone to make sense of that?
My wordpress blog set up using the domain name takingcareof skin is seen at http://takingcareofskin.com/blog/ and look how the header is displayed!

Can anyone help me to resolve this problem please?