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Thread: need a website

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    Default need a website

    i recently started a new job buying old jewellery and gold and have hit a brick wall i feel its time for a website but i am 100% useless at d.i.y
    i have seen some really nice jewllwry templates that cold be made to fit the gold buying needs .

    can anyone hellp and what dose it cost ???????

    thanks danny

    dont f it helps but i have the doman name

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    Default Re: need a website

    First off for you to post here u need a Vodahost Hosting account.

    Second you got your work cut out taping into that market especially here in the uk.
    Decide what you wish to build in i would stay away from a full flash site. probably a good html template or have one built. no one here can give you a price on the board you would have to contact them. but as i said Vodahost Hosting Account is required.

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