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Thread: contact form issue - getting it to e-mail

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    Default contact form issue - getting it to e-mail


    I am having an issue with getting my contact forms to e-mail. My other e-mail links work fine, but not the ones in the contact form. Any help with this would be appreciated.

    My domain name is the specific pages that I having a problem with are the "Dining" and "Adult Day Services" pages which are links under Servicees and amenities.


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    Default Re: contact form issue - getting it to e-mail

    First of all, you do not post BV related stuff here... There are plenty you can "Search" from so many threads that was posted.

    What seems to be the ISSUE? You did not mention...

    Your contact form, it seems to work fine from the way I see it (tested your form). Did you enter a valid email address? Is the email address Yahoo, Hotmail or Gmail? It is best that you use your email as some email provider, such as Yahoo may be a little troublesome. BTW, your success page shows a double entry of Site Map, remember to delete one of it.
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    Default Re: contact form issue - getting it to e-mail


    Thanks, I did notice the double site map and corrected it. The issue seems to be the e-mail address. I am forwarding it to another address (not hosted on this site). For whatever reason our IT person wants them kept separate from the website. I created a generic address on this site and then added a forwarder which did not work. I can pick it up on the site or through a site like mail to web, but can't get it to forward for whatever reason.

    I also noticed when testing the forms that the "from" and "to" are the same instead of it being from the person who filled out the form. For instance, the daycare one goes from: to Could this be the reason and how do I fix.

    Sorry about posting in this area, but I could not get it to post in the area I wanted too - patience with the newbie, please!

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