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Thread: transfer domain to VH

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    Default transfer domain to VH

    I have triied to transfer our .com domain for quite some time and there seems to always be something wrong. I am about to try this again and would like to get it finished.
    First I have all the account information on the originating domain entered to as stated in the instuctions, second I have changed email address so not to get caught in an ISP spam folder.
    My questions: do i change the dns to voda before the transfer? If so how long will my email be down? Once up will my email start directing back to my server immeadiately?
    Previously when I changed the dns from NS1.IRONSOLUTIONS.COM
    NS2.IRONSOLUTIONS.COM and we lost all email access.
    Please help.

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    Default Re: transfer domain to VH

    You need to be working with Support in coordinated efforts to effectively transfer your domain. This is not something anyone in the Forums can help you with, for there is no administrative interaction possible.

    To begin the process and to work jointly, Submit a Support Ticket with your detailed request. Be sure to note an email address to maintain contact independent from the domain you are dealing with.
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