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Thread: Help on photoshop.

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    Question Help on photoshop.

    I need help on photoshop. What i really need is my heading banner. I'm trying to build a new website for the company i was working at "Kiribati Insurance Corporation" and they already have their website published but the guy who did this passed away a couple of months back. Now they're pointing me to take over as to look after their website but with no idea what am I going to do to update their current website. Now am trying to build their new website using bluevoda and it seems easy even if you have no background on web designing. Now i need help on how to photoshop my heading banner as to put the pictures of the car crashed to represent the motor vehicle service they provide, the ship in the ocean to represent the marine hull service they also provide, robbery for shops and a building on fire to represent the Fire insurance and a traveling insurance. If you can help me photoshop all of these services which this company offers locally into my heading banner or what you called it.

    Need help as soon as possible

    Thank you in advance.

    With kind regards

    Tione T Moy

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    Sounds like something we can help you with, for sure.

    Send an email with some of the details, and we'll be happy to provide you a quote.
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    Default Re: Help on photoshop.

    why was my reply deleted?

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    Default Re: Help on photoshop.

    Because you are not a VodaHost Approved Freelancer, that's why.
    How do you get approved? Children's Ministry resources
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