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    Default Beginners question PAGE WIDTH

    I am building a webpage. My prior builds have been on a 15" monitor but I just (finally) upgraded to a 20.".

    So my (probably really basic) question is: How do I build the new page so that it is seen on all sized monitors w/o problems.

    Input appreciated.


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    Maximum acceptable page width is 960 pixels wide.
    Recommended maximum page depth is 1300 pixels deep (preferably 900-1200), with the emphasis for the majority of "important" or essential Content to be "above the fold" (above 650 pixels deep on the page, so it is seen fully without scrolling).

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    Default Re: Beginners question PAGE WIDTH

    Have my sites set at 930-970 on the links in my signature. But what you may have your screen resolution & others visiting set at, can throw things out a bit. Also the lenth of the page can also throw things out with how many tool bars you use at the top of the page. I normally have 4 tool bars open & the browsers tabs. Some might just have 1 or 2.

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