I want to include a feed into my website, on a specific page. The idea is that I can swiftly and easily add up-to-date news, events and articles to the site.

I have an existing Blogger account that has followers so, ideally, I would wish to stick with that.

Having searched the forums and video tutorials, I've not found any advice on how to do this.

Using Blue Voda, I have added an RSS box (Insert-Extra-RSS) and entered the address for my blog. Having published the page, it seems to show nothing (just the RSS icon).

I must be doing something wrong...but I can't find any definitive instructions on how to set this up.

Can someone please spare the time to talk me through this process?

My RSS blog page: http://www.scubatechphilippines.com/...ines_blog.html

My actual Blogger blog: http://scubatechphilippines.blogspot.com/

Thanks in advance!