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    Question BACK TO TOP option

    how do i have a link point to the top of the page or do i just have the link reload the page?

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    Blue voda has a book mark system you can use. I used it on my pages, but I forgot how it works (dementia ) Find it, with blue voda open,click 'insert' and about half way down that drop down menu, with a 'flag' to the left of it is 'bookmark' Click that and place the box that shows up on the page your working on to thew point you want to link back to from further down the page. Double click, change the name if needed. Then just, where ever you want to link to one of those bookmarks, place a text box there and put to top or up or whatever you desire as the text. Highlight text, click the 'link' icon in the text,line shape area. When the linkl box shows up, choose your bookmark for a link.

    It took me like 20 minutes to figure that out again, hope it is correct.

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