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SLow page speed in webmastertools
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Thread: SLow page speed in webmastertools

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    Default SLow page speed in webmastertools


    In Google webmastertools I check the page speed of my website www.tvonlinesurveys.com
    av. time per page 5 sec.
    How can I speed it up?

    Thx Thjis

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    Default Re: SLow page speed in webmastertools

    Its loading in less than a sec for me..........
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    Default Re: SLow page speed in webmastertools

    Hi, a lot will depend on your visitors ISP speed, but you defiantly need to reduce some of your images in KB to a max of around 30-50kb each. You have these images as an example of what is slowing the page down:
    http://www.tvonlinesurveys.com/image...viewvragen.jpg 127kb could be around 15kb
    http://www.tvonlinesurveys.com/images/vragenlijst.bmp 1300kb best not to use BMP images for web sites. Change to JPG to around 30kb. Same with http://www.tvonlinesurveys.com/images/enquete.bmp at around 1200kb.
    Each one of these last 2 images are around 10 times what the web page should be in total kb's.
    This might help with the images.
    Aim for a page of around 250kb max.

    Good luck.

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