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    Default button sound

    Hi all and thank you for any help I may get.
    I am looking for a way to add sound to some of the botton on my site when there are clicked can this be done.
    thanks sean

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    Smile Re: button sound

    Simply link your button (image) to an audio file that you have uploaded separately to function via EVENT:

    1. Image PROPERTIES > click EVENT tab
    2. Select "onclick" in Event field Menu
    3. Select "play" in Action field Menu
    4. Enter full hyperlink to the audio file you have uploaded to your public_html/ (root) directory in the Target field (i.e.


    You can also decide to incorporate more integrated "function" to your button (including sound) by importing your button image to the Button Style Gallery file witin BlueVoda, so you can select it specifically instead of using one of the default button styles.

    After copying the button image to the proper file, you can then insert it singly or as part of a defined button group via the Toolbar:
    2. Double-click on the default Navigation Bar shown on your page to open the PROPERTIES Dialog.
    3. Click on the "Style" tab to reveal available customizations, and where you will select your button style (your custom image).
    4. In the "IMAGE" Section, click on the "down arrow" to reveal the gallery to select your specific image from.
    5. If you had prepared and loaded a second image with a color or design change to display upon mouseover, use the second "Hover" selection tool to choose your preferred image also.
    6. In the "Hover Sound Effect" field you will enter the link to your desired audio file which you have properly uploaded to your Root Directory as in the outline above.

    Keep in mind you can choose to have a single button instead of the 4 shown by default (either shown vertically or horizontally), and even if you need more than one button in your scheme, you can duplicate this single button Navigation Bar to maintain continuity and to keep each button in a specific position on your page without worrying about any functions being shared or corrupted.

    Adding the hyperlink itself to the button image is done in the GENERAL tab of the PROPERTIES Dialog by clicking once on each button to 'select' and then clicking on EDIT ... it is plain to see where to enter the URL for the link you wish this button to deiver the page to.
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    Default Re: button sound

    ok thank you so much, i will give the all a try right now

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    Cool Re: button sound

    It's really pretty easy once you figure out where to look for the options ... which is why you should always explore and experiment with every tool and method provided to you rather than be content to barely grasp the understanding on the surface!

    Doing a Forums Search is also a great way to find a particular answer or solution that has been offered previously too, and is more immediate as well!

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