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Thread: BV Form Capture Signature?

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    I'm comfortable with creating and publishing forms in Bluevoda and successfully use these to capture data using the browser on smartphones.

    Does anybody have any ideas how I would go about capturing data as normal using edit boxes and combo boxes but also data from something like a signature field? Now I'm not sure if something like this exists but it would be really useful.

    The signature field would be a box on the form which allows the user to input a freehand signature that is then stored as an image. On a standard desktop computer the input to this signature field would be by using a mouse whereas on a tablet computer of touch screen mobile phone the input would be controlled by either a finger or stylus

    The end result would be the ability to capture data on web based forms which would include a signature strip at the bottom. Using these with mobile devices would open up countless opportunities

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    Default Re: Using Bluevoda forms to capture a signature

    It is also an ongoing Security/Personal Identity issue that has yet to be solved authoritively.
    Capturing a signature digitally from an input field clearly is not an approved function, no matter how secure a website claims to be or what measures it implements to provide a secure environment.
    Legal "Test": cannot be validated, witnessed (as fact), and cannot be "notarized" according to proofs required.

    Check with the Technical Applications department mentioned in the footnotes to the Patriot Act.
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