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Thread: How to compress JPEG images?

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    Default How to compress JPEG images?

    I have several photo pics I want to add to my site, but I need to compress them first, as they are very large byte-wise.

    I went to a website that says it compresses pics online for you and you download after they are compressed, but the problem is when I download them they are in .asp format and not jpeg format, which I cannot display.

    Anyone, please tell me what to do with an .asp file, or give me a good website URL that will compress my jpeg photos and keep them in jpeg format? That website support will not reply to me when I send them a question!

    Or does Bluevoda have a feature that will compress them?


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    Cool Re: How to compress JPEG images?

    Download the Pix Resizer from VodaHost that is useful to not only edit your images using many tools and methods, but to prepare the images for more proper file sizes. Simply open you images in the Pix Resizer and then re-save them to apply the process.

    Pix resizer - Free editor and optimizer for your websites photos and images.

    Pix Resizer is only one of the many free resources offered to clients from VodaHost. Visit this section to discover more (and the additional offered in the Support Areas), and remember to always explore beyond the superficial to understand more fully ...
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