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Thread: help me create a login?

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    Default help me create a login?

    I need to create a login for members only.

    I add the box already and I want members to enter a username and password so they can access a members only marketing tools page.

    Can some please give me the step by step process to create this login correctly

    Thank you in advance, it will be greatly appreciated.

    This is the website url: - Box is at the bottom right.

    Thanks you

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    Lightbulb Re: help me create a login?

    Quote Originally Posted by FTinocoJr View Post
    I need to create a login for members only.
    You have a choice of different yet effective methods to use with your BlueVoda website...

    > BV’s new built in Login system – a brief tutorial.

    > How To Create a Password For Your Website or a Separate Password Protected Directory of Your Website via cPanel
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