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    Question Unable to Edit Pages

    Hi, my Anne owner of tintelations I've trying for 3 days to edit a page on my domaine but with no success
    can someone help please?

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    It was great talking to you, and as discussed there are some things you need to attend to before your site is updated:

    Because it has been so long since you've last accessed your account, and the person who created your site is no longer in your employ, it is critical that you confirm your User Name and Password is current. This can be determined by attempting to access your Hosting Account Control Panel using the information that currently have available. If the Password does not work, then you will need to contact Support to request a new one (which you can change to your own later). If you have been responding to emails regarding Hosting Renewal, then that email address is the one still associated with your account and the one your Password Reset will be sent to. Having full access to your hosting account is critical and needs be completely affirmed before anything can be done.

    Whether you or someone else is chosen to re-build your site as discussed, there are still a few things that must be done before you can reasonably expect to manage your website and hosting account fully and properly:
    * Since it has been a few years since the website was updated, you must download a newer version of BlueVoda to be sure to have the correct IP server assignment in the drop-down menu of the Publish Dialog Box.
    Servers are regulalry updated, and the assigned IP's change as well, so what may have been the IP you published to is likely no longer in use, and is a new IP address altogether. A simple WHOIS Search on your Domain will show the current IP you have been assigned, and that same IP needs to be listed in the Publish Dialog Menu in BV. Downloading a new copy of BV will 'refresh' this Publish IP listing:
    > Download BlueVoda

    * Become familiar with how BlueVoda works, even if to reach a minimal proficiency that will enable you to "update" simple Promotions, Specials, Prices and the like whenever you need to do so without being stuck. Keep in mind that it truly is a learning process, one that at first may seem overwhelming, but when seen as a series of steps and processes, is really not that intimidating after all. But, you must begin at the beginning to make any progress, and that is why you should review the Introduction along with some of the basic Tutorials (practicing the techniques as you review them):
    > Introduction to BlueVoda - MUST WATCH!

    > BlueVoda Tutorials . .Complete A-Z Tutorials covering all aspects of building and publishing a website with the BlueVoda Website Builder.
    > Complete Tutorial Archive

    3. There are other resources that will contribute to your emerging skillset:
    VodaHost Web Building Knowledgebase
    Useful Resources & Help Center
    > VodaHost Support

    And, lastly, you already know how to reach me whenever you need to - don't hesitate whatsoever!

    . VodaWebs....Luxury Group
    * Success Is Potential Realized *

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