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Thread: trying to get a domain name

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    Default trying to get a domain name

    I want ot get a new domain name, when I check the domain name from other domain search engines it seems it is available but when I check from vodahost , it seems it is not available why ?

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    Question Re: trying to get a domain name

    So ..... why don't you just simply buy it from wherever you see it available and then transfer it to VodaHost?

    It may be VodaHost does not sell domains with the extension you want. Be sure if you decide to transfer it to VodaHost that it is on the list of domain extensions allowed. Otherwise, you will have to buy it where you can and simply make the DNS/Nameserver changes to point to your hosting account at VodaHost after creating an "Add-On Domain" to your that you already have purchased from VodaHost.
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    PS: Just curious as to why you have forwarded to the VodaHost Home page rather than to a website or even to a website of another domain you own? Is it because you have not purchased hosting from VodaHost yet, only domains?
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    Default Re: trying to get a domain name

    Actually it is com extention, I did not understand why it seems unavailable while it is available.

    P.S I got hosting from VH once but now just collecting domain name , because of hard work couldnt make any web page' but I will do at first opportunity..

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