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    I have published my new pages for testing my website BUT I keep on getting OLD pages from last year. I have checked all the names and links and they all appear to be correct, what am I missing?



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    hi mike
    when you go on line to look at your page try refreshing it some time works for me
    hope this helps graham

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    There are only two possibilities:

    Most likely, you are publishing to the wrong IP: servers are continually updated, and are given new IP addresses for customers to Publish to. Since you did not provide a Domain name or website URL in your original post as required by Forum Rules, it is impossible to confirm your current assigned IP address. You should contact Support to verify your assigned IP address and Logon information.

    If in fact you are publishing to the correct IP address, it may be your computer is suffering from browser caching, and this thread will help guide you to resolve the issue > Help My Browser is Caching
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