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Thread: Existing PHP pages with HTML boxes with "include"

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    Question Existing PHP pages with HTML boxes with "include"

    This question was posted elsewhere a few days ago but, as of today, it has not yet received any answer,. So, I am posting it again.

    My site has a lot of pages built using BV Version 11, which were published at its time and are running OK, at least so far. All of these pages have HTML boxes with the "include" command.

    My question are:

    Will it be mandatory to update the already published pages by removing those "include" and replacing them with standard menus and other standard elements or can these pages be left as they are now, with "include" boxes, without further problems? I mean, would those pages be banned or punished for having "include" boxes? If not right now, can it happens in the next future?

    As I understand the explanations given here about BV 12 vs "include", these problems are related to the NEW pages being built with BV 12. However, I did not catch any reference to already built, published pages (If I missed that, I apologize)

    Please comment.

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    Default Re: Existing PHP pages with HTML boxes with "include"

    If you have not yet updated your copy of BV11 to BV12, and your site is still not requiring major changes, you can continue to use BV11 and the PHP Include method on your pages.

    If, however, you upgrade to BV12 (and installed it over your existing copy of BV11 rather than to a folder of it's own), you will need to remove any PHP Include elements from your pages and re-publish them with all dynamic elements (LightBox, Menu, Gallery, etc.) embedded directly to each page individually, as the "shortcut" PHP Include method will no longer be supported by BV12.

    You can continue to use BV11 to publish your pages as long as the IP address appears on the list, for after a server upgrade, you will then be required to update your BlueVoda to get the IP address on the List. So, it is merely a matter of doing the "conversion" work now or later, as it will in fact eventually have to be done.
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