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    Hi All,

    First time on the forum so forgive me if I accidently break protocol. I am looking to put a slideshow come lightbox onto a new website, but what I ideally want is to have one large image sitting above a row of squared up thumbnail images which will scroll left or right to reveal more thumbnails. When the thumbnail is clicked on the main image above will change. I would also like to click on the main image to enlarge that in the browser. If this makes sense to anyone is there a way I can do this in Bluevoda as I don't think I can.

    Many Thanks.

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    You will likely find the format you desire (called a "skin") offered by JAlbum, which is an image tool you can auto-install free via the Fantastico section in your VodaHost Hosting Control Panel. The free version auto-installed via Fantastico has no ads, but is labeled with the JAlbum logo. Still, even with the JAlbum logo, it is a very slick look and worthy of consideration to install via Fantastico.
    * Be sure to explore the wide choices of very cool slideshows and display styles JAlbum offers in this section.

    Or, if you prefer, you can add JAlbum to your BlueVoda page (after manually installing it in your Hosting Account) using either the iFrame or the HTML Box method, simply by following the directions on the JAlbum official website (to install) and the BlueVoda Tutorials (to add to your page using either method). The free version downloaded manually from JAlbum has both the JAlbum label and advertising, whereas the paid version manually downloaded and installed does not. See this page for differences.
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