***** How To Link BlueVoda Pages Together *****

If you want to link together two page that where created in BlueVoda please follow the below instructions to the letter.
1) Watch the above video to learning the basics about hyperlinking.
2) Highlight the text or object that you want to hyperlink.
3) Press the hyperlink button in the tool bar and you will see the below box.

Lets say you created a page called info and you want to link to that page, when you save that page you will notice that BlueVoda saves all the pages with a .bvp extension at the end of every page name.
4) In the URL Box in Red Above, type in the full url of the page you want to link to.
5) change the .bvp to .html and use a slash ( / ) to separate your domain name and the page name. Repeat the same process for all the pages you want to hyperlink.