***** How To Link Your Pages Together Using Menu Bars*****

If you want to create navigation bars (menu bars) that will link your pages together, please follow the below instructions to the letter.
1) Watch the above video to learning the basics about hyperlinking.
2) Double Click on the menu bars to launch the Nav Bar Properties editor.

3) Press the the Edit  button to launch the above edit box
4) Lets say you created a page called products and you want to link to that page, when you save that page you will notice that BlueVoda saves all the pages with a .bvp extension at the end of every page name.

In the url box do not type  http://www.example.com/products.bvp   (This is WRONG)

Type  http://www.example.com/products.html

Replace the .bvp extension with a .html extension


a) You must always use the .html extension when typing out a hyperlink
b) You must type the full page url in the above url field
5) change the .bvp to .html and use a slash ( / ) to separate your domain name and the page name. Repeat the same process for all the pages you want to hyperlink.
6) After you are finished creating your links, click the below "style" tab to add customization and functionality to your menu buttons.

In the style section you can...
a) change the type, size and color of the font in your menu bars.
b) Add a rollover effect to your menu bars.
c) Add a sound effect to your menu bars.

Fast Fact
You can not test the menu bars unless you have a live active domain name.
Did you know that you can also link your pages together with hyperlinks?