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Read It - cPanel users guide.
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VodaHost operates both X and X3 versions of cPanel. Customers
who joined after November 1, 2007 are on X3.

1 How to login to to your control panel
2 Getting to know your control panel
3 Creating  email accounts in your control panel
4 Adding an additional add-on domain name to your account
5 Password protecting your website            
6 Creating a default (catchall) email account
7 Creating an auto responder in your email
8 Creating a sub-domain ( A sub-domain is not an add-on)
9 How to park a domain name
10 Creating custom error pages
11 Creating a MySQL database
12 Managing a MySQL database in phpMyAdmin
13 Installing FrontPage extensions
14 Using File Manager
15 Using Index Manager
16 Enabling Hotlink Protection
17 Using the IP deny manager (blocking people from your site)
18 Redirecting a URL
19 Redirecting email (Forwarding to another address)
20 Changing your control panel password
21 How to set up a Cron Job
22 Creating an FTP account
23 Backing up your site
24 An introduction to using fantastico
25 How to trace an email address
26 Using WebMail

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