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  1. another quick question please, as i am a dummy
  2. How to add classifieds ads
  3. How to offer visitors the chance to upload a display ad to me?
  4. Publishing thankyou page
  5. please help me , i can't find php code in my thank you page
  6. quick question
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  8. Can someone help me with a HTML???
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  12. Forms on a web site
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  15. repeated guestbook
  16. Form Question
  17. Multible Guest books
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  20. My ABVFP Form is not working when submit is clicked.
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  22. Form Question
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  26. Error Message after submitting Form
  27. listbox or combo box
  28. I downloaded the advanced form generator, now what?
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  31. Conflict with Form edit box when included in Table
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  33. Send email confirmation message.
  34. does anyone know html i need help ?
  35. Need Advise on how to arrange Forms before Paypal Payment
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  37. form assistance required
  38. Not receiving emails
  39. Problem with contact form. (editing)
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  41. ABVFP 'Thanks'
  42. How do I get A submit button??
  43. Printable Form
  44. new form
  45. need help on "Form"
  46. No info in emails
  47. PHP Problems
  48. Need to create a Pilot's Report Form
  49. abvfp v2
  50. forms again
  51. upload problem
  52. FMP-I need help *******ting a form
  53. Submit button .....
  54. Forms Error 404
  55. Error message when submitting contact form
  56. Building a dating website, but need help
  57. Cannot link to homepage from Thank you page
  58. Anti Spam on Forms
  59. can you help me with publishing to my contact form
  60. Should I use a form for this
  61. link to my emailaddress
  62. Forms..advanced forms
  63. Radio Button Form !
  64. Replace Thankyou Page?
  65. E Mail field, can't return to its field when leave empty.
  66. cant get the php code
  67. form problem
  68. Print This Page Button
  69. check box..making it required?
  70. Editbox border
  71. Form not working
  72. form only partially working
  73. Email form not working
  74. "auto fill" function has stopped working for my email box of my ABVFP contact page
  75. Upload field for my website
  76. Advance BV form processor
  77. Form works in Firefox but not Internet Explorer
  78. ABVFP Required Fields?
  79. Submit Button Doesn't Work On Published Page
  80. Submit Button Doesn't Work On Published Page(correction)
  81. Empty Enquiry received from Form
  82. send an html array with POST method and retrieve it with $_POST
  83. help with script
  84. Printable Form
  85. Finish installing FormPro
  86. Submit Button Only Works With Firefox
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  88. Forms
  89. I need some help with form actions
  90. Need help with "REST" HTTP POST?
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  92. Text Boxes different colour
  93. Forms Assistance Needed
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  97. Just some questions
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  100. Codepages ISO/UTF-8 ?
  101. Validation options
  102. form help
  103. Multiple Mail Form
  104. contact problem
  105. Form wont work.
  106. Required fields arent verifying when submitting
  107. ADF (XML) Auto Dealer Format
  108. ABVFP - Error message
  109. Problems with a simple form
  110. How to edit the pages in the Nagivation
  111. Email form when receiced is saying it has come from the receiver?
  112. Cannot get form maker pro to install
  113. Form doesn't work anymore!
  114. Advanced Blue Voda Form Builder
  115. Not receiving emails
  116. problem in creating forms urgent help required please
  117. Problem with Form and file upload
  118. Radio button during First submission....
  119. Combo**** required field doesn't trigger error
  120. How do I ask viewers if they are over 18 and only let them view the page if they are?
  121. submit form
  122. project request form
  123. php code on a thank you page for a form
  124. forms
  125. my submit button on my form brings up message 404-cannot be found
  126. Dropping Database
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  128. information form
  129. Submit buttons/ PHP
  130. new version bvfmp
  131. changing permissions
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  133. I need to add something to my site but i don't even know what its called please help
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  150. new golf club
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  152. form assistance required
  153. Question
  154. Form tutorial 1 not working
  155. Required Checkbox
  156. Not receiving emails via form
  157. Help Abvfp Help
  158. Abvfp
  159. Specifically: size of fields during preview
  160. Problem with submit button on form!
  161. Unable to process preview and thankyou page in form maker pro
  162. Building the form
  163. Changing submit to email based on selection
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  165. checkboxes to add to cart not working
  166. Quiz Form?
  167. Lost part of site since installing ABVFP
  168. i need to create squeeze page form please help
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  170. BV form e-mail forwarding?
  171. Thank you page error
  172. contact form not working
  173. Contact Form Submit Button doesnt work.
  174. Error 404 when I hit the submit button on the form
  175. help!!!!!
  176. Help with submit!!!
  177. Making Changes to Form Fields
  178. PHP problem
  179. Php Form
  180. Trouble with multiple thankyou pages
  181. Registry
  182. Navaldesign..whats wrong???
  183. 404 error message
  184. changing permissions
  185. more or less fields in BVAFP
  186. Multiple Emails
  187. Creating a login for members
  188. Using the Validate tab
  189. Problem with the code on thank you page
  190. thank you page problem
  191. replyform
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  193. Contact Form!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  199. Need help installing ABVFP
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  202. do anyone have solution for this
  203. can this be done!
  204. Re: Advanced BlueVoda Form Processor
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  217. How do I resolve this
  218. Anne Kent
  219. Help with Form & Thank you page
  220. Question about the php coding for ACTION.php
  221. Form Help!!
  222. Helllllllppp!!!
  223. placing uploaded photos in your site
  224. no html code
  225. No code
  226. Form fields colors don't match
  227. ABVFP problem
  228. Form PHP
  229. Submission of data from form
  230. GO Menu problem!
  231. ABVFP doesnt ADD new colum to DB
  232. Spam Bots and Forms
  233. How do I implement a newsletter type sign up form?
  234. requierd feilds
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  236. changing image name after uploading
  237. Not receiving form submissions
  238. publishing forms
  239. Adding Security
  240. ABVFP mail issue
  241. stuck w Q re form
  242. re testing paypal form
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  246. Emails received
  247. Abvfp - ??
  248. Can anyone see whats' wrong?
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  250. Uploading Pictures