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  1. Installing Form Maker Pro
  2. Can I put a security code in a form?
  3. Change target of Submit button?
  4. Video search
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  12. Unwanted form data from unsolicited site
  13. Form problems...
  14. Seriously don't have a clue what to do with scripts etc!!
  15. The answer must be out there somewhere :)
  16. SQL Error 1054 what is that?
  17. Can't find the right answer to SQL 1054
  18. Opt-In Form Publishing help
  19. My contact us form isnt working....
  20. Newbie form Question
  21. Form shows blank white page
  22. Carry
  23. Form send only half the info filled out
  24. Haveing Problems with a Couple of Forms On My Site
  25. illegal form submission
  26. WHAT am I missing?
  27. totally confused please help
  28. Email in Forms
  29. Petition form
  30. Form Email Issue
  31. problems with my success page on form wizard
  32. Form with Word Calculator and Limitation
  33. Error Message form
  34. error message when submitting form
  35. Form Doesnt Work In Live Mode
  36. Hotmail aqddresses filtered out?
  37. Is this possible with BV Form Maker?
  38. I cannot process the form. The form has not been correctly setup. !
  39. publish to addon domain
  40. ABVFP - Help
  41. New problem
  42. upload file question
  43. Please help...submit button not working
  44. website form
  45. form with submit boton not working
  46. Email from form incomplete
  47. Form to leave and show comments
  48. Can't find my Form Maker Pro anymore
  49. Can the same form be split over two pages?
  50. when my forms are emailed to me there is no information in it
  51. 'Back To Form' Button
  52. Getting the ABVFP captcha to work
  53. Setting up an event registration form
  54. Trying to create newsletter
  55. html form
  56. Form Date Missing
  57. Checkboxes only work in Internet Explorer
  58. submit still not working?
  59. Form Troubles
  60. Trying to get form SUBMIT button to email back to the submitter
  61. help with form
  62. I couldn't get the forms on my website to work the way they should.
  63. Success & failure page not working
  64. File Upload not working
  65. Drama publishing Form on Index page...
  66. Hi all...just joined & have a pressing question!
  67. Success/Error Pages Not Working
  68. How to set up 2 email address in a form
  69. contact form
  70. Question about ABVFP
  71. Strange code appearing at top of page with contact form
  72. Form Success Page not working
  73. not receiving all information submitted
  74. Bot Attack Prevention Help Needed
  75. sortable lists
  76. changing the font in a form
  77. How do I change the e-mail address in my contact form ?
  78. error page an d thank you page error
  79. Upload Image with Forms
  80. linking scripts to forms
  81. Branch
  82. FROM email - submitted data forms Question.
  83. Creating a 'Job Search Form' how??
  84. Submit on form to preview page
  85. sortable last form
  86. Editing the TEXT AREA box
  87. Submitting forms without opening new message screen
  88. Need help understanding what "initial value" mean.
  89. Secure This form...
  90. Form "success" and "error" messages
  91. ABVFP "Error window" not working
  92. Navaldesign - need your assistant please
  93. Mandatory Feilds in forms
  94. Script Showing on Form
  95. completed form not returning all data to email
  96. form question
  97. Is there such a thing as...?
  98. Need help on file permissions
  99. 2 forms question
  100. Send form info to visitors email address as well.
  101. Changing form destination problems
  102. User Registration Form
  103. Newbi, Have problems with Form
  104. Form problem!
  105. form does not work
  106. My form email submission does not work
  107. Forms send to me, but tell users that link is broken?
  108. ABVFP blank error box, everything else works
  109. Some code comes up when published.
  110. ABVFP Database question...
  111. ABVFP And Sub Domains?
  112. ABVFP Autoresponder sending to me NOT visitor
  113. Need form help BIG TIME
  114. Initial Text Clear On A Form
  115. ABVFP - tab option
  116. contact form with options
  117. Capatcha form validation
  118. Confused on which form I have
  119. Adding selections to a cart
  120. Help with Form Wizard
  121. A question on forms please?
  122. Question regarding ABVFP date() language
  123. Need lots of help for alot ofquestions regarding the new bv 11??
  124. Form not going to error page
  125. Upload form issues...
  126. Question on my message board(help!!)please
  127. ABVFP installation issues...
  128. What to name the databse files in the bv11???
  129. Captcha BV11
  130. Allowable upload file type
  131. upload file doubt
  132. Different photo size
  133. Please Help!!!
  134. Delete Image from folder
  135. Cannot get form to submit to email
  136. Form interactivity with MySql
  137. Please help fix my form!
  138. 404 error
  139. why send button does not send
  140. need help with .csv file in BV11
  141. My form wont upload
  142. email enquiry is received but the page does not go to the success page
  143. email form
  144. Error on submiting an e-Mail
  145. form+thank you page and how to link them together...
  146. authentication required
  147. Can not link page with form to other pages
  148. forms do not forward to my email
  149. Form won't go anywhere on submit
  150. Guest Book
  151. whats the catch
  152. turning a form into a table
  153. Form submission being delayed
  154. List Box - Multiple selections
  155. Tell A Friend Script (notification)
  156. Guestbook Problem
  157. Events Show and Hide
  158. Where are my success & Error Pages?
  159. Contact page
  160. Form reply - field ID problem
  161. Online Order Forms
  162. Can forms do this
  163. my account
  164. Menu bar not showing on from
  165. re. cms help
  166. Printable fill-in forms
  167. abvfb form question
  168. ABVFP , 1 form on 2 different pages
  169. Try to use server.action at the FORM
  170. Custom HTML limited space
  171. Problem with Tell a Friend script
  172. How do I make radio buttons multiple select?
  173. contact form links
  174. I cannot access my form pages online
  175. Struggling with Captcha!!
  176. form page publishing as html
  177. Forms Missing
  178. Erratic performance of form
  179. issues linking form with db soholaunch
  180. Can Edit box show curser on page load?
  181. One button - two tasks
  182. Form wizard
  183. Form Takes Me to ABVFP Log In Page
  184. ABVFP sticking after making changes
  185. How many forms can ABVFP handle?
  186. Were are Paypal and Form Wizard toolbars?
  187. I set up a sucess page but it just keeps on clicking?
  188. using php for login script
  189. Multiple Listbox selections not coming thru in email
  190. Capturing visitors IP in BV form
  191. Urgent email form help please
  192. To purchase and then download ebook
  193. Forms printing in very small font
  194. forms not working right online
  195. how to get files uploaded via my web form
  196. Form Pages
  197. abvfp language problem
  198. PayPal "Add to Cart Button" using ComboBox
  199. Bridging user name to forum
  200. Having ABVFP captcha problems again
  201. ABVFP install issues
  202. how to create a product selection form
  203. Form Problem
  204. Linking page to error & success pages
  205. form does not appear when published
  206. forms
  207. form Maker Pro
  208. Captcha first...
  209. How to insert a date picker in BV form?
  210. Form/User Sign-Up/Database Help
  211. Need assistance with forms and shopping cart
  212. Hidden Fields
  213. My form isnt sending emails
  214. Email issues on the form
  215. Not Receiving Emails from "Submit" on Forms
  216. Form Wizard, is it working?
  217. Form that sends information to my computer...
  218. change border color on combo box
  219. Success page not opening
  220. How to organize the field on my form
  221. Can form be used to protect download after paypal payment?
  222. Linking form fields
  223. Adding Values in ABVFP
  224. Requiring a box to be checked in ABVFP
  225. Form problems, need help
  226. How to Use value
  227. "Web page C" error - HELP Please
  228. Email form help please
  229. How can I do page in page?
  230. "Join our Mailing List" form
  231. Is this an ABVFP form? If not, how to convert?
  232. Captcha help
  233. Hello :)
  234. how to oading data to a form "on page load"
  235. Michael
  236. Form not working...
  237. Form wizard form not sending or resetting
  238. Form NOT working
  239. form problem
  240. Why form submitted in spam folder?
  241. Received garbled message from my form
  242. Search field
  243. How can I stop blank forms being submitted?
  244. Form is published but not functional
  245. Help: want csv file not to be public
  246. Form not allowing data entry
  247. Multiple problems with form
  248. adding form to website correctly
  249. Make URL compulsory
  250. One contact form with multiple e-mail options to submit to