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  50. I think i have a problem ,My sites do not have the .html extenion is that bad
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  53. Need help publishing
  54. 2) Now create a new file using Notepad
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  56. ((( Know How to Redirect after Submit)))
  57. ((( Know How to Redirect after Submit)))
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  60. Can anyone help me with my forms
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  62. send us an email
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  84. Question Regarding Bv & Soholaunch
  85. Form Help
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  87. Can I...
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  91. hi could anyone just do a dummy run of filling in my forms plezzz
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  94. Navaldesign Is The Best!!!!!
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  99. please someone help me
  100. Script help!
  101. File attach
  102. hi could someone test my form out ??
  103. Navaldesign seems to be the man with the plan cud he help me!!
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  126. Calendar in FORMS
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  132. Help!
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  136. Is there a tutorial for php script for Form here ?
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  146. Multiple Combo Box
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  149. having customers upload files.
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  151. Password
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  153. hello
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  160. Andy's "How to create a multi-page form and submit results to your e-mail address."
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  166. let visitors upload video/image files?
  167. video/image upload script?
  168. Defaults for Googles auto fill ????????
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  170. Could you someones test my form on the Contact Us Page
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  175. Please help me
  176. help
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  180. Sorry, yet MORE help needed over here!
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  189. o k maybe get help here
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  210. MySQL host
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  212. I'm almost have it. It almost works FMP please help!
  213. Is this possible?
  214. FMP works Now I have other questions, hope not stupid
  215. Easy question I hope!
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  247. how does one do this perhaps more explanation is needed
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