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Karen Mac
07-25-2006, 08:29 PM

I know somebody is just gonna love me for asking this, but... here goes.

I love using froogle and I get quite a bit of traffic from it, so I am wanting to create a csv in text format for froogle/ now google base, and the issue I am having is linking to the products. I got the file delimiters to all work using the ';', but there is no link to the actual product. Now I can figure out the image links and concantenate the columns, but, when i get to adding the products links , its not a true link, but more of a "more information link" and that just doesnt work when i plug it in. Not to mention pluggin in links manually for three hundred + products. Additionally I cant find the table to actually download the ACTUAL links to the products. Do I need to create a new table and populate it to do this, or can i use the current product table, and I am just missing the link somehow? Or just missing how to do this simply? <banging head on desk>

Im hoping this was clearer than MUD!


07-25-2006, 11:56 PM
Most likely, the "links" are dynamic HTML....
Right-click on a product image, for example, and VIEW SOURCE, and a notepad file should come up. Highlight and copy over to Word the HTML you see.
Go to our Affiliates Forum, and look for the thread on "Text Links" to identify the different elements of dynamic html links and how to THEN copy them into a HTML box in BV....(or whatever). Soho, right? Hmmm
If you are looking for a file to upload, then you have to get it from them. Otherwise, you have to build your own (with identifying links) one by one. And, you can hyper the links in CSV so they will then be live when presented in Soho.

Let me know how far you get......

Karen Mac
07-26-2006, 01:33 AM

What happened to your other logo? Man of 20 faces. Links arent the issue per se. I looked up on the other forum this problem too. Seems nobody does the froogle thing. Ok...Links are the problem, but, the only way to find them correctly is to go to my store and click on each product. I can do the images all at once as they are all in an image folder. Problem is...in soho the products arent in FOLDER but a table. So dynamically speaking, its not the issue of WRITING or coding the links, but making the job simple? ie...images : http://grannyscountrynook.com/images/whatever.jpg
There is a list of the pictures in the table that i imported to excel, so i just filled one column with the http: etc/images and merged it(concatenate) with the column with the pictures.

I cant do that with products because there isnt a PRODUCTS folder but a table ie:


and none of that corresponds to an actual product number..so to find the more information etc..i have to click on EACH product to get the link and i would be three days getting it all done. Has to be a better way!


07-26-2006, 07:10 AM
No....each attribute of a product must populate it's own column...otherwise it will not be "read" or able to identify each attribute both during search or in presenting in a specified format....
In other words, each item must have singularly listed SKU, image, link, size, cost, product text info, etc. The TABLE provides the skeleton for association, and by "merging" attributes, you corrupted the function both...Soho doesn't know what to do, so it freezes and defaults back to the remaining functionality....(actually, I'm surprised it's even doing that!)
The greatest efforts in configuring carts is loading product....most don't even know how to properly organize things until they see what is expected. (It took me 6 months and 2 full-time staffers to prepare just one of my showrooms for a Point Of Sale system, so it's no wonder I only work closely with vendors that provide me with a CD catalog and an exhaustive Excel pricelist! LOLOL....Some are still wondering why it is taking me a month to load MY Soho cart - I have close to 30,000 products, all new/new vendors, and am still reformatting Excel to my universal styles) People get paid to load inventory - with custom software, of course! Figure about $100 per 10,000 items in Soho.
God only knows what I will run up against with trying to do 2 OSC carts later this summer....

PS...Gen. VH suggested that pix were much more effective avatars when communicating to others, and in maintaining a sense of commuity, sooooo

07-26-2006, 07:46 AM

Have you seen this page yet? http://info.soholaunch.com/index.php?pr=Feature_Tour&feature=Data_Tables and this tutorial http://info.soholaunch.com/media/refer_test-v2.php?file=sl_48_tablemanager.htm
And of course this one about loading the cart http://info.soholaunch.com/marketin/demodemo_new/sl_48_cart_addproduct.htm ??

I am sure there is something simple even I am missing, and since I can't find a plug-in similar to the ones I've pinpointed for my OSC develpments, I will probably rely on the expertise of Ben at TZ to load my pre-formatted inventory for me...
Let me know if I have been of any help whatsoever! Now you have me getting worried about my own Soho thing, having been spending so much time preparing without a cognizant application in mind....

Karen Mac
07-26-2006, 04:55 PM

I have the table, and the products. The way soho populates the table doesnt include the links, or the product numbers, but uses its OWN system for the sku, and thats where the issue is. Google feed requires a link to the image and the link to the sku of the product. I have each attribute in its own column thats NOT the issue. Issue is in converting it to a usable form for the google feed, which requires a physical link to the product as they use YOUR bandwidth to display YOUR store. Figuring out the link to the images isnt an issue....figuring a simple way to get the link to the actual product page is, because of the reassigned sku, thats used in the table, or that the store actually reassigns.

Yes I seen those posts, which doesnt help me for the google feed part, as they dont require a LINK, just the information in the correct fields and then uploading them to the table manager. I think my next step will be to make a blank page with a table search and see if i can pull out the info that way. do a search and then view the source and copy all the links into a new excel sheet. Im thinking i might get it off if i search by category...I will let you know.

Just for the record...if you ever do this import /export of tables, DONT open it when it downloads into excel, as it puts everything in one column. Instead : open Excel, and go to data and import it and make sure you check the semi colon as the delimiter to seperate the attributes.

Gee, If i post my pic, Ill ruin my image. On the internet Im seven foot tall, carry a big stick, wear dark glasses, and ruthless. In reality im 5'4'' and a gramma. LOLOLOL


Karen Mac
07-26-2006, 05:46 PM
Oh and by the way Vasili, Im not LOADING this back into SOHO, IM formatting it to load in GOOGLE, so it wont corrupt anything.


07-26-2006, 08:11 PM
Just for the record...if you ever do this import /export of tables, DONT open it when it downloads into excel, as it puts everything in one column. Instead : open Excel, and go to data and import it and make sure you check the semi colon as the delimiter to seperate the attributes.

Gee, If i post my pic, Ill ruin my image. On the internet Im seven foot tall, carry a big stick, wear dark glasses, and ruthless. In reality im 5'4'' and a gramma. LOLOLOL

Karen Thanks for the heads-up, and the creative solution....I never thought about creating a "ghost page" to bury an information table/Excel list to physically establish a static reference.....

And I am totally distracted now (probably for an hour, at LEAST) with whacko visuals of you running about swinging your stick wildly as you bump into everything with your sunglasses on!!
Too funny....

Karen Mac
07-27-2006, 07:51 AM

Just so you know. My table idea didnt work initially as you have to populate the table, and while it could be done.. i didnt have time to play with that either. Probably easier to generate one in mysql...anyway..

What I did come to realize that the LINE numbers were the ...show more information numbers without the link. So I formulated the column to add one on each row, which worked great, lol, until i realized the line items were off, where id deleted products so i went back in and fixed them by hand, but it still worked faster than one by one entry..and I think im going to get it to work out...eventually..lol..So...thanks for being the sounding board and giving a place to vent it out and form a solution!

When i get it to google ill let ya know so you can go visit. Im actually surprised that so few use it, when its so readily available, even for LOCAL sales.

07-29-2006, 11:44 PM
I'm sitting here smiling about the Karen image (I've seen her pic)!

Karen, I'm still needing to add Froogle to my stores - and I know you want to hit me for never having done it before!!! I promise - this fall/winter when I have better internet access - I will do it.

07-30-2006, 12:10 AM
Following this thread has made me smile as well

Karen, your three sites are now at:

sorry for the hicup to begin with.......

Karen Mac
07-30-2006, 12:45 AM
Thanks David, I think i got my email fixed too...!

Beth..you dont add froogle to your stores, you add your stores to froogle. And I did get the feed uploaded first time with zero errors, its supposedly LIVE but im still figuring out their new system...and I also read they have now added a GOOGLE SHOPPING CART, which looks almost exactly like paypal and costs more. ANDDDDD they want you to also incorporate it to your store...YUCK... I have enough headaches. I suppose it would be good for someone who doesnt have a cart, and wants an alternative to paypal cart, without the expense of a merchant account...but...its NOT gonna be me!


07-30-2006, 12:58 AM
lol, I know you add the stores to Froogle - if I misstated - just meant I'll finally do that this fall.

Google has a check out that's very interesting - for every $1 spent in adwords - you get $10 free in checkout - so IF you advertise in adwords -it could be worthwhile - and since I do (sometimes) with some of my stores - I'll be really checking it out closer later.

07-31-2006, 07:27 PM
I just got back from a mini-trip, and I had a chance to catch up on all my "webbie trade mags".....I am really forming a bad opinion about what Google is REALLY up to, seemingly in colusion with AOL and even Yahoo....

I've been known to have a disdain for Adsense and other Google "programs" and now that I return to this thread to see the issues we of the V-HOST are dealing with on the technical side, I am now even more adamantly opposed to the thinly veiled Google agenda.
I will find a way to either reprint some of the articles and present them with comment (Reviews?) later, but I just wanted everyone to know that there really IS such an "agenda" that will impact us greatly....

08-01-2006, 08:14 PM
Vasili - I've always had a problem with Google being "big brother"!

08-01-2006, 08:46 PM
Vasili - I've always had a problem with Google being "big brother"!I know! More like "devious, greedy, arrogant, and bad-seed brother" who is following Wal*Mart's example of dictating by reasons of a big wallet without regard for anyone else or for the future!

Why do you think there is always "issues" regarding their 'free' search tool people so blindly put on their web pages? Don't people see that their efforts to merge Adsense, Ads by Google, their Web Metrics Panel, Sponsored SE Ads, and 'peer-friendly' business services like Yahoo carts all form a framework for control and segmentation of the internet into "popularity/access for a price" later on??? (like *****'s post of the moves Congress is making toward a "tiered" internet via tax, and AOL's Certified Email program.....everyone thinks it is just a cute post).

People just don't seem to get it. The big picture is too much strain on their eyes, I guess.....

Karen Mac
08-03-2006, 01:42 AM

Its exactly like the break up of the MA BELLES a few years ago, who have now re-emerged under new names like Sprint, AT&T that have supposedly bought out all the lil dogs yapping at their heels. Im NOT suprised that the internet follows suit, only its bigger than ENRON and almost impossible to topple.