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07-26-2006, 03:20 AM
I'm trying to publish my subdomains. I'm told I named the pages wrong. So, I saved them in a file with the home page called index. No Luck. Then I saved the pages in thier own folder and published again. No Luck. Then I saved the pages in just the BlueVoda folder. No Luck. Please check it out and walk me through this. My home page is fine www.pkweredesign.com. The others are listed like www.pkweredesign.com/about_us. What can I do?
Karen H. @ Redesigning Women

07-26-2006, 05:44 AM
In BlueVoda your "home" page or www.pkweredesign.com (http://www.pkweredesign.com) should be saved as index. You seem to have done this and all you need to do now is to title and center it (to do this right click on page).

Every other page you create you save for example as about_us or gallery and publish them. You will notice the extension .html is missing in your post.

Go back to your index page and link to www.pkweredesign.com/about_us.html (http://www.pkweredesign.com/about_us.html) (underscore in 'about_us') and www.pkweredesign.com/gallery.html (http://www.pkweredesign.com/gallery.html)

Hopes this helps.

07-26-2006, 07:07 AM
You have created separate folders for the gallery, Our services, Testimonials. I have not been able to spot a folder for "About Us"

Although i don't really see the need for separate folders (exception made for the gallery, if you intend to use a gallery script), please take into consideration that the links from your homepage will only work, if they point to the correct location on your site. So, follow these steps:

1. Create, on your computer, the same folder structure that you will be using on your site. So, you must create folders: "aboutus", "ourservices", "gallery" (this one's content might be different form the others), and "testimonials".
2. Let's take the first one. Open your "aboutus" page in BV, and then goto to Save as, and save it as "index" IN YOUR "aboutus" folder.
3. Publish it: remember that in the Publish dialog Box, you must use, in the Folder field, "public_html/aboutus"
4. The link from your homepage to your "aboutus" page should be: www.pkweredesign.com/about_us (http://www.pkweredesign.com/about_us) or www.pkweredesign.com/index.html (http://www.pkweredesign.com/index.html)

Please note that since you are using a subfolder, the first one AUTOMATICALLY defaults to the second.

Repeat for all your subfolders. Remember, there is no need for separate folders, exception made for the Gallery, if you intend to use Jalbum or Coppermine or some other gallery script. If your gallery is going to be simply a collection of pages with pictures in them, you don't even need to have a separate folder for the gallery.