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07-27-2006, 05:23 AM
What is the best way to have a page or form on my site to check for open reservations. I don't need Apollo or Saber type that the Travel agents airlines,hotels etc. use. Just something simple: when u r traveling
what tour pkg
what date
from where
flight arrival time
and be able for them to reseive immediate confirmataion or not availble info.
It could go a lot of ways, but with my limited knowledge of web building the less complicated the better.

07-27-2006, 06:06 AM
You don't remember my suggestion (in whatever thread) over a month ago?? SHAME ON YOU!

The only universal leisure "online booking" utility currently available for independent agencies (or resorts) is available from TI (Travel Impressions), which is a WorldSpan product, and can be placed on your website directly. If you can work Sabre, you can do WorldSpan....
It might be something to look into, even if to become enrolled with them as a vendor, as they are no longer less than globally the leader in leisure...(See example here (http://www.honeymoongiveaway.com) - look for "Online Booking" at top, and "Trip Locator" on the bottom)
The other "non-live to consumers" would be getting enrolled as a destination/vendor with NEXION, the larger online booking utility for agencies that don't have their own plaque: don't run air because they are not IATAN qualified.

Apollo sucks, and their vacation utility is so weak I refuse to acknowledge their continued existance, personally!

You should use an eMail "Form" (the secure format), with complete instructions and step-by-step installation available either from ANDY128's or David's sites which you can link to under their signatures in any post throughout the Froum.
You should make fields for absolutely everything you can think of, just to leave nothing to wonder about. Then, be sure to follow-up on every one quickly and with graciousness....most deals are made because someone else didn't follow through!

Let me know!

07-27-2006, 06:37 AM
I have to question your usually brillant memory capabilities. I was not the one with whom you had the conversation regarding the reservation systems. I have all my posts printed and in a folder for even faster perusal. I am aware that one may search all his/her posts,I just feel better with the old hard copy. Something you can throw during a fit of BVA (Blue Voda Anguish). I very much perfer the direct approach through e-mail forms but I have been unsucessful in adding davids or andys to my site. I am currently waiting an answer from David,I installed his form.m When I test it I get well it is just computer lingo to me it gives the info that is in the form almost identical to the html. Andys worked but when tested I got pop up with my outlook express and once the message reached my outlook it was a copy of what I wrote but no confirmation php answer. Do you understand my rambling, about something I know VERY little? I just didn't want to push it, don't like to ask for help. I do so many times and when you see my post it is the last straw. I do search the posts but sometime things are unresolved. Anyway..............................

07-27-2006, 06:48 AM
No big....don't fret....
I have noticed something about the new format since the security issue was raised, and how much time each of our buddies spent "fixing" it.
I have had not problems whatsoever with the previous version of the "Form" I got from Andy (he even helped ME install it), and have been holding off installing the newer version for the same reasons you are experiencing now -- I have been monitoring it in other threads too....

So, I am almost assuredly going to simply "duplicate" the older version I have on one site to the other needs I now have (I will need to do another 5 forms at least) just to avoid all the spam I have been getting as a result of using "text links" the old fashioned way on 2 websites in particular.

If "Andy" doesn't get it fixed for you soon, ask him if he still has the older version, and if so, use that one. And, if needed, I could always email you my version too. Whichever.

I think the phpConfirmation of "Secured Mail" is overkill, although I understand the logistics. And I kind of am warming up to the "visual verification" to sending an email also (doesn't need a password added, and will still send to a script without all the added protocols).....

I'm off-line until Tuesday, so.....

07-27-2006, 06:53 AM
Great appreciate your help. Will stay in touch.