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Bruce Hewitt
07-28-2006, 01:39 PM
I am in the process of buildinga property web-site that will (hopefully) be used extensively by estate agents in South Africa to market properties in the entire country.
A lot of them may access the site directly, by typing the url in the address and hitting go, will this be detrimental to my ranking or not.
With this type of site my ranking will not be a major concern but I still want to get it up as high as possible so if property is searched for the site will be seen and this will boost sales and enable me to sign more agents.
If an site is accessed via the address field is it recognised by the SE as a hit or not?

08-01-2006, 02:44 AM
Since your site will be accessed primarily by a regional market initially, your efforts to advertise and/or market your website via tradtional methods (business cards, word of mouth, newspaper, flyers, etc.) will have much greater impact and long term results that your focus on SE ranking......

Your site will be targeted to a narrower market than other types of websites, and since you are in SA, the importance of having specific local visitors even KNOW about your site is critical. The lesser emphasis should be on the positioning on the SE ranks or pull-ups. You need to tell everyone that needs to know that your site is available and their destination when in need......do everything you can to have your regional market even visit you once, so you first become a regional player >> then the relevancy of your site becomes more worthy of a closer look by the Global SE's.

By having unique, various "natural-click" visitors arrive at your site, you create what is still called (and still critically viable) "hard-rank" or "natural-rank" and helps immensely elevate your standings......this natural ranking by unique live clicks (page views) cues the spiders to re-evaluate the true relevancy of your site: the continuity demonstrated by the Page Title, Meta info, Key Words, "Main Page" content and interior linking, unique and dynamic Content, both textual and referential (including whether or not even your images are appropriately "titled"), site map accuracy, formatting, etc. *You have to remember that "relevancy" can be explained even as 'overall logistics and standardization conformity': there is not one element that can be successfully exploited at the cost of another! And....it takes a lot of time to dot every "i" and cross every "t" when it comes to preparing all these elemental details on EACH PAGE!
That is why I suggest you 'optimize' your "natural" rank in the meantime, until you have a 100% compliant site that can be additionally elevated via SE methodology compliance on top of the natural rank other sites have abandoned.....

(And, please search through the Forums on "Hits vs. Page Views" to know what is important and what you can let fall to the floor)

Bruce Hewitt
08-01-2006, 06:13 AM
Thanks a mil, Vasili!
I have read the hits v views post.