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Karen Mac
08-03-2006, 02:01 AM
a funny thing happened on the way to the forum the other day....

Well its NOT funny but I thought Id share and ask if Voda is going to update to the latest zen cart?

I got notice on my store that I was working on doing some intense customization, that some of my files werent secure and had to go change the chmod...which i did, but...even after hitting the update thing, it still showed they werent secure...

And then I got this notice there was an update available, and I says...AHAAAAA maybe thats why...so I jump thru all these hoops and follow all these instructions and get it all uploaded, and DONT YA KNOW? I hit the wrong install button and it totally REWROTE my whole store...so, I reup the whole thing minus products and do the thing again, and just hit update the modules and dont cha know? IT DID IT AGAIN. For some reason it was hitting a script to install the whole thing no matter what button i pushed.

So in frustration I KILLED THE ZENCART!!! Just has to be an easier way than turning into a PROGRAMMER!

Has any body used the CUBE CART? I need some more complicated techie shipping alternatives than I can use that the soho just isnt giving me, but I dont want to be a developer to get it done annnnnnd I dont want to use a shared cart.


08-03-2006, 04:08 AM
Ever get the feeling that no matter how pleased we are at the freedom of self-definition we all find here at VodaHost, the ever-creeping sand dune of having to actually pay for getting something done OUR way rather than "make do" with the freebies will somehow bury us unless we take steps to move in the direction we first intended??

Boy! That sounded very much like a Kirkkegardian Dr. Phil, didn't it?? LOL

Really, Karen...I am coming to the realization that when I am going to have to begin my next 2 carts, I will have to plunk down a few bucks to get a "tweaked and peaked" OsC monster set up.....at least I have the satisfaction of knowing once it is up and running right (looking all sweet) I can still be the one to manage it, very unlike paying through the nose to so-called "webmasters" who I was forced to depend on to keep me at arms length while only delivering me **** I couldn't fix or even begin to understand!

Karen Mac
08-03-2006, 08:29 AM

Im snickering at your Dr Phil. For a diet guru he sho is chubby! And did ya know that Kansas' now favorite son was tarred and feathered and ran off back in the day for running one of those fly by nite beauty/spa/diet centers that didnt exactly comply with the fda? They forget to mention that now that hes FAMOUS for beating people with their own sticks!

But you didnt read that here! <really laffing> Can I say that here? LOLOLOL, guess I will find out when the post is missing and I have a spanking notice in pms...LOL

And Im beginning to agree with the shell out part, however, its a debate with rather to pay customization, or pay a one time thing for a cart thats workable...

Karen Mac

04-11-2008, 04:06 PM
Hi Karen I would appreciate any help if possible, i install zen cart via cpanel now i want to ad a module can you please tell me how to upload the file. i know how to upload to my root, but then module have diferent file - include-language- module-order-insurance.
Can you please shed some light on how to upload to the right directory, any help at all thanks in advance