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rahat alam hunzai
08-09-2006, 05:41 PM
hi friends,
i am rahat alam hunzai and i am new so i a need your help. i want to add softwares and ringtones to my website so people can download them from there. please any body tell me that how can i do this. i will be very thank full to you. you can also email me at heenarahat********.com (heenarahat********.com) or rahatalam45******.com (rahatalam45******.com)

have a nice day
rahat alam

08-09-2006, 06:22 PM
Hi Rahat,

Firstly are you planning to charge for the ringtones you wish to upload ?
if so they will need to go to a directory that you can leave to paid access also what format are your ring tones that you are trying to upload in ?
if quicktime or media player
just insert the link from the title of the ringtone (hyperlink) to a page that you have inserted the media player containing your ringtone.
I am in no way a techie and shoot me down if there is a quicker route but i am browsing the forum as i have dramas myself and i have worked in bv a bit and this is what i would look to do.
I hope this helps and a little more info as to what you wish to do with your site ie if you wish to build a content charged site would help for further asistance