View Full Version : do you support phpmyspace gold edition

08-17-2006, 03:43 PM
This is a big script that I would like to install and I have a few question:
1- If I want to use bluevoda website buider to build different pages can I insert phpmyspace script so it fits with the rest in a created template or do I have to edit their software/script. Can I insert their php program in a bluevoda template i created?
2- If I want to get the mysql database to be used for all my websites creating a single database, can I do that and does it depend on php or not version of their script.
3- what if I want to use your software only and add pages with creative scripts for kids and artists, can I link them to the same single database?
4- if I use your server would you be able to host the same way "my space" does, with millions of users and images?
5- if I want to use a content management software to send info in different websites at a determined time automatically do you have a module for that?
6- do you have a module for allowing more functions for the user to build an original page or even a website, with his own mail boxes?
7- what is the cost for help for installation of other php scripts for 1 and 5?.
8- I want to create subcategories in many areas because I would want to have countries and cities all over world with their own forums and news, groups, events, calendar..... is that possible?
9- can I combine scripts together for more functions or is that more of a plugin and what type of plug ins should I look for.
10- the script boxes in bluevoda, what can you use them for?
I hope it is not too much to ask
thank you