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08-23-2006, 04:43 AM
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Domain = www.e-webvid.com (http://www.e-webvid.com)

My site is a high video content site. I wanted to use flash because of the file opening speed, but the menu calls for the swf file. Can this be right? When a Flash Movie is created, it generates 2 files. The slv and the swf. In Macromedia Flash player and the Sorenson Squeeze SLV player, the file used is the slv file. A swf file does not play if loaded the way Voda states. Support says I'm wrong, but for once I think I'm correct. Their answer then was to embed the file in a HTML page and that was the end of that. (I wouldn't know how to do that, anyway.)

I chose as an alternative, Windows Media with the files compressed to Progressive streaming so they would load as it went without waiting. I have a broadband connection yet the result is a two or three second lag in the beginning of each clip. I see other site's video consistantly opening promptly. How can I fix this?

In addition, if I have a movie which I want the viewer to start himself instead of automatically, is there a way to place a photo or text in place of the player until they start it? I want to avoid the big black rectangle.

p.s. None of my links to View in Browser, Forums, Tutorials, or Control panel have been operating today. Is something down or is it from this end?