View Full Version : Mouse over colour problem -intermittent!

08-23-2006, 05:40 PM
I have successfully set up my navigation bars, and made some changes in a new page I added www.compasslandscapes.com/commercial1.html (http://www.compasslandscapes.com/commercial1.html) BUT :
1. On the above page the mouse over on Maintenance reads "Projects" which was the previous link I had there. I can't find the word projects anywhere in my edit options for the nav bar...HELP!

2. On my home page www.compasslandscapes.com (http://www.compasslandscapes.com) some of the nav buttons are now showing in green (the mouseover colour) instead of the main yellow colour .Why?

I have tried amending and re-saving the settings on both pages, and re-publishing but no luck. I should mention that I have swapped colours around for the nav buttons on the commercial page to differentiate the domestic and commercial area, so they should be green then yellow.

Is everyone else seeing this and, if so, what do I do?
Thanks (in advance)

08-23-2006, 05:59 PM
Hit refresh several times F5.
On the first page you mentioned above, I see Maintenance and yellow/gold.
On your home page , go back and change the NavBar properties, then save and publish and refresh again. Sometimes when you copy a NavBar from one page to another, for whatever reason you loose the alt text and properties. One way around this is to clone a page.