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08-26-2006, 08:45 PM
Hi, I have to confess that I am VERY new to website design etc. I hope I haven't gotten in over my head. I have started designing my website, and I signed up for Vodahost, but I haven't started publishing yet. (That's another issue I'm scared to tackle yet!!) Anyway, my question is this: I am wanting to set up my email account. If I am wanting to set up an opt-in form for a newsletter, how many email accounts will I need? I mean, I just don't understand what all I need for email accounts--will everything just be forwarded to one? I hope this makes sense....
Also, please don't laugh..what is webmail for?

08-28-2006, 06:41 AM
You can have as many email accounts you want, that's up to you. Usually you need to setup an email account for each use, f.e. for Sales, for Support, for General purposes, one for each user on your site etc. But you can also do the job with only one, if you are the only site user/admin

08-29-2006, 09:42 PM
Thanks! So, I could set one up as Newsletter sign up? I am the only site user. I'm sorry if these seem like simple questions, I just want to make sure.

08-29-2006, 10:12 PM
Yes, you can setup a specific email account just for the newsletter signup.